Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Honest, I have been knitting

I have been working diligently to complete two rather large projects. Rob's basketweave sweater is knitted and seamed, and just needs a zipper and blocking (Hooray!). I also made "My Constant Companion" from Knitter's Stash. This is a very large bag to knit; once felted, it is still quite large and will easily hold all my WIPs and more. My cat is really anxious to sleep in this bag, so I may be knitting something for her out of the leftover yarn from this project. I used Reynold's Lopi, which felted beautifully. My favorite part of the whole project was the i-cord bind-off, which I did 3 times to get the contrasting color trim.

I also recently made this for a friend. While it is not knit, it is for knitting needles:

I even learned how to use the button-hole attachment on my sewing machine to make the matching pouch:


Lauren said...

Constant Companion looks fabulous. And if you can make those needle cases, I bet you're a great zipper-installer.

illanna said...

Wow I am in love with your needle case! I love the subdued colors. You have a great eye- I can tell by the yarns you use!

Agnes said...

Hi Devine, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment. You know what, I plan to knit Constant Companion too. I have lots of Highland Peruvian left over from the last sweater, so I bought another colour and they will become CC bag. The colours of mine would be mocha cream and a red shade (forgotten which one!)
Do you like the flower collection pattern from Stitch Diva too? I like it but feel that spending money on flower pattern seems a bit too extravagent ... Anyway, I don't know when I would start my capelet but would sure check on your progress!