Tuesday, March 08, 2005

10 Signs you are an over-ambitious knitter

1. You plan to knit a toddler sweater for a funeral scheduled for the next day and pack clothes to match
2. You pack 2 additional projects and extra yarn
3. You bring all your knitting needles, just in case
4. You modify the pattern for said toddler sweater in order to complete it in time for the funeral
5. You get home from the trip and unpack 2 untouched projects, extra yarn, unopened needles, and the book you never opened
6. You get home from the trip and finish the sweater that was to be worn earlier that day
7. Your son is the only child not in cold-weather gear, because his sweater isn't finished yet
8. Things like sleep, eating, and bathing become real nuisances that interfere with your ability to dress your child in weather-appropriate attire
9. You really start to think that a toddler would like to wear a vest instead

and the 10th sign you're an over-ambitious knitter...
You wish the drive to Chicago were longer so that you can finish your projects!

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