Thursday, September 30, 2004

Works in Progress

What's on the needles, you say? Well that just happens to be my favorite question, since I only want to talk about knitting. Well babies and knitting. So, here are all my busy needles with their yarn goodies:

First knitting project, lovely baby blanket from Erika Knight's "Simple Knits for Cherished Babies." Little did I know that the pattern calls for 6 balls when really you need 9. This project was daunting enough at 6, but now I must find 3 more balls of dye-lotted Rowan's All Season Cotton, or make the blanket smaller. The funny thing is, I was going to make one blue and one pink of these buggers, back when I thought it used 6 balls only, until I realized how long it would take. As a first project, this was great since it's just knitting a purling. Unless you want to finish something.

Longies for Baby Leo
Look at these cute pants. The pattern is LTK and I love working it; Marty has a pair made from this as well. The yarn is from Holy Sheep Yarns, and was ordered before I understood the concept that other things, besides blankets, take more than one ball of yarn. I really thought I could make just about anything with just one. So I have to get creative with Leo's pants, but I like the way this leg has turned out. Now if I could finish them before he outgrows them!

Soaker for Mary
Again with the one ball of yarn thing. I would have loved to make pants out of this yarn, but Janine (Leo and Mary's mom) might start to wonder if I was only knitting for Leo. Hopefully this soaker will be done before Mary potty trains (not being sarcastic, she is 29 months old!).

Cardigan Sweater for baby-to-be
This is on a yarn needles, but still counts! The pattern is another from Erika Knight's "Simple Knits for Cherished Babies," and the yarn is a nice cotton from Rowan. It's all knit and just has to be finished. The seaming is taking as long as the knitting, which is demoralizing. It will take a lot of will power to finish these! When I do, I will start making another is blue, as the parents of these sweaters are expecting twins in November. Time permitting, there will be matching hats for both babies as well!

This project is from my knitting class, taken at my lovely LYS. It's the beginner project, but I can't complete it: I've lost my other needle. Pity.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Learning to knit, learning to blog

Once you've stayed home keeping a busy toddler alive and happy, you realize that you can do anything. And so, I took up knitting.

Once you take up knitting, you realize how absolutely talented some people are out there - the people who spin and dye and make beautiful things, sometimes without even a pattern.

Once you start blogging, you realize how little you have to say and how much better other peoples' blogs sound. I probably have more to say than this, but I have to pull it out of my head. But, I must give kudos to the Yarn Harlot, who makes me laugh and stay up too late. I also attribute my fascination with Latvian mittens to her.

I will spend some time figuring out how to get some pictures on here and show you what I'm working on. And that brings us to the end of blog entry #1. I can't just talk to myself all day, now can I? Well I can, but then this one entry would be endless and I have a toddler who will be awake soon, asking for food and the like. Thanks for reading!