Wednesday, November 03, 2004

You're welcome!

Just a short blog today as the native is restless. I am reminded once again of why I knit for Janine:

Not only has she thanked my profusely and repeatedly for these pants, she has actually taken pictures of her child wearing them and e-mailed them to me.

Don't get me wrong: I love to knit and to knit for others, and I am not in it for the praise. Marty hasn't said a word to me about the several items I have knit for him (in fact, he sometimes cries about wearing them), yet I keep casting on projects for him; I don't knit for the gratitude of others. Yet to be thanked, to have someone really appreciate the knit item... well it's like reliving the joy of that project all over again. And it makes me start looking for more things to knit for that person/family!

So a word to the wise: If you really want to make a knitter's day, go on and on about how much you love what they knit. There's no going over board here. No amount of praise is too much. Seriously.

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