Monday, November 22, 2004

Assisted Knitting

My good friend and neighbor, Janine (mom to Leo and Mary), recently learned to knit. She chose a somewhat ambitious project for a shower gift, with which I was happy to help her. Saturday night, with a few logs on the fire, children tucked in their beds, and a deadline looming, we finished this:

Admittedly, it was difficult to take the hat off the model to give it to the parents-to-be, but Janine says she did so graciously. All the moms wanted to know where they could buy such a thing. Janine proudly told the shocked audience that she had made it, and then was hounded by requests to sell her work. Not bad for a second finished object! It was fun to help with the seams, as they were so critical for this hat and I have become rather adept at mattress stitch. Great job Janine!

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