Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Should I be concerned?

Hmm, not much being cast off lately, but more and more yarn is entering the house. I am running out of places to stash it. When Purple Heart came last week, I contemplated giving away all our beach towels so that I could use the space they were taking up for my yarn stash.

Have you ever seen the cover of "Knitter's Stash"? I love that look of piles of yarn, just waiting for you to be inspired. I have plenty of inspiration, just so little time lately. The few things that I am working on are gifts for my main blog readers, so how do you blog about that? I guess those FO's will have to wait to be shared. In the meantime, I do have some exciting yarn to share:

Blue-face leicester yarn (Poor Man's Cashmere), hand-dyed by Cass at Holy Sheep! Yarns. There are 2 very large skeins. The solid was supposed to be one of the colors from the 'earthy' colorway, but I think it's a bit darker. I still love it, though, and I have another skein that I could send her to be dyed in the lighter, more caramel-y tones of the earthy.

I also ordered 2 kits from Peace Fleece:

The 'Everyday Cardigan' for me (someday) and,

The infant cardigan for some future lucky child. I love the yarns from Peace Fleece and their philosophy as well.

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