Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My stash is looking at me funny

Yes, I ordered the yarn. Yes, I knew it was coming. And yes, I do have plans for the yarn. But still I am struck by the enormity of the stash every time I come upon it. Keep in mind, I am a pretty new knitter with a full-time toddler on her hands. I mean, I can only exchange so much sleep for knitting.

It occurred to me today that I have two very sweet nieces in Colorado who might love a poncho for Christmas. But not out of my stash yarn... no, I would need some new yarn for that. Tonight is knitting class with Mom (yay!) and that means more shopping. Hopefully I will find the bag of Rowan's all-season cotton that I lost track of; if I didn't leave it at the LYS, then where could it be? There are also so me new Addi turbo 16" circs in there that I need for several projects. This cold weather has me itching to cast on some hats.

Last night, I whipped out a hat to match Leo's longies:

I also finished the drawstring for Mary's soaker, which I may give to Kylee now, since they seem so big. If I do that, then Mary will get longies like her brother's, but in pink!

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dscokween said...

I am so in love with those longies!!!! Are you going to do a hat or a sweater to match?