Sunday, October 03, 2004

Holy yarn haul!

The postal carrier brought me some amazing goodies the other day! I found a great deal online for some retired colors of Manos del Uruguay; with the conversion from Canadian to US currency, the prices were so great that I ordered a ton. Here's the stash:

In case you are wondering, those two extremely large bundles are kilograms. Kilograms I tell you! The remaining skeins, which seem so tiny now, are your typically 100 gram skeins. Here's another shot that shows the size difference:

If I thought a 9-ball blanket (of 50 grams each, at that!) was daunting, boy am I in for a load of knitting now. Now for the next package: 2 3-skein bundles from This yarn is also from Uruguay, incidentally. I ordered the bulky merino (6-ply) in two colors: marine blue,

and apple green. It is so soft and wonderful!

Then one last delivery: a huge skein of blue liecester, or "poor man's cashmere," from a co-op that I was lucky enough to get in on. It is super-soft and lovely; I am not sure what color to dye it. I doesn't photograph well, but here it is:

I failed to hide these goodies before Rob got home, and all he could say was, "You better get knitting." Better get knitting, indeed.

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