Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Knitting progress occurs while blog progress halts

I love having multiple projects going. When I get to the point in one where a) I need new needles or b) the concentration requirement is too high for the current situation, I can switch to the other project. So you may not notice that things have progressed, but if 5 thiings all got a couple inches longer, then that's something, isn't it?

I recently cast on 2 new projects that are very fun. Using kool-aid-dyed orange wool and Manos green, the pumpkin hat:

Breaking into my manos haul, Marty's Christmas stocking:

I received my Lamb's Pride wool/mohair blend from the Brown Sheep Company and immediately worked this swatch:

And I finally finished seaming the pink cardigan (yes it still needs buttons):

I also cast on, knit 6 inches, and then frogged a pair of pants for Marty. I realized they were not going to fit and I love the wool so much that I desperately want these to be perfect for him. So, I get to knit them all over again. I love the wool so much that I don't even mind.

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