Saturday, June 26, 2010

Solstice Run 5k - June 26, 2010

I ran the 5k at the Northville, Michigan Solstice Run this morning. The weather held out despite some threats of rain. It was overcast, which was great, and not too hot.

I reached my #1 goal of conquering my nerves. I mastered them today! I think racing a 10k a few weeks ago made a big difference in my attitude towards this event.

I also reach my #2 goal of kicking my own a$$! I did not allow my mind to psyche itself out. I practiced one of the techniques that I've read here when I felt like walking: evaluate my breathing - just fine, how are my legs - no pain, then do we need to walk? No we do not. I picked people in front of me and passed them. If someone passed me, I paced them. I just felt good and strong the entire race. There were times I thought of Love the Half and his 5k strategy of running at almost-puke levels, and there were times that I was running that way, running faster than I ever have before.

Goal #3 was to beat 40 minutes, my previous PR. My splits were: 12:03, 13:16, 12:11, and 1:06, for a final time of 38:37.

I also got to see 2 guys from my running group, and had a FE with Rachael (oh I forget her screen name here, she posted the other day that this would be her first race. She found me in my lime-green running skirt and then wished me well later as the race started. I never passed her, so she must have done well! I hope she will chime in!) I drove to the race with 2 friends, and after the event we walked thru the art festival and stopped for a snack of a really delicious veggie roll - super fresh and so good. This is the 2nd event that has offered pizza after the race, and I cannot stomach the idea of something like that at 9:30 in the morning and after running.

So to recap: great day, goals met, friends seen and new friends made, all in all about the best you can ask for!

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