Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Crim 10 Mile, August 28, 2010

So with 10,000 people running the Crim today, there are bound to be a few from RWBF =) Hopefully you aren't sick of all these RRs yet.

Very cool event, starting on these brick streets of Flint. 10 miles later, you end up on the bricks again and it's an awesome feeling to know you are so close to the finish line!

I had to get up at 5:30 this morning and should have gone to bed earlier. the logistics of getting myself and my kids there, plus packing for the company picnic following the race... it was a lot of prep work. Wide awak at 2am did not help matters. Point is, I was more tired than I should have been. Still, the adrenaline was all there this morning when the race started. A sea of people. The best part about this event for me was that I was always surrounded by people. It did slow me down, but it was nice to not feel left in the dirt. There were always other runners around me.

Great weather, great crowd support - people with sprinklers all over, and a frat house offering donuts! The big downer was a serious lack of porta-potties. Several of my miles were more a race-to-not-mess-my-pants than a race-to-the-finish. In the end, I did not mess my pants, I did finish, and I really felt great about it. A year ago, 10 miles was not even in the concept of what a person like me could run. Today, I did it.

Not much for photos but here's what I've got:

Me at the finish line, a sweaty mess but so happy

My kids, who I have never been happier to see

And then we got to meet Batman and Robin! My youngest has a secret - he is going to be Batman when he grows up, but don't tell anyone!

My final stats:

Distance 10M
Clock Time 2:20:47
Chip Time 2:17:03
Overall Place 7657 / 9508
Gender Place 3377 / 4730
Division Place 519 / 689
Half 1:10:05

Not too far off my goal pace of 13:30 for my upcoming half. I feel really confident that I can run a half in less than 3 hours. I was questioning, at about mile 8 today, why I would be wanting to do that. But I do! And I will!

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