Monday, August 06, 2007

A diversion

So the pink sweater is coming along, but after binding off one sleeve and seeing the mistake and knowing I had to rip out 6 inches, I decided to take a break. I came across a cute little burp cloth that I had started for a baby who's now old enough to hold down his breakfast, and decided to convert it into a dish towel. Then I made a matching wash cloth. (I really know how to avoid ripping out hard work!) The pattern is from the Mason-Dixon book, and the yarn is from a huge cone of Peaches & Cream:

After finishing these, I cast on the other sleeve, finished it, then ripped back the other sleeve and started making some progress. I just needed a little diversion!


heather t said...

Is that the new Stripes version or the regular varigated? If it's the varigated, how did you get it to stripe? I loves the stripey goodness.

Devine said...

Just regular variegated and a cool pattern with the slip-stitching. It striped pretty nicely!