Sunday, July 22, 2007


I'm enjoying a few minutes of blog-surfing time (wow do I enjoy Crazy Aunt Purl!) and came across a funny article on -R-'s blog and I just can't stop laughing about an idea she gave me (without her knowing, of course, I mean, she doesn't even know I read her blog much less know me to give me an idea). She's talking about her husband and tells about this event:
The radio people were discussing a recent case, and H called in to comment on some legal aspect of the case. He also totally lied about where he lived, for no real reason other than he is random. He also gives his name as "Diego" whenever he has to make a reservation at a restaurant. His name is not Diego. Nor is his name uncommon or hard to pronounce. H just likes to live on the edge by having a reservation-making alter ego.

Well I am the one who always has to call in to restaurants and things like that, and being the home-bound family of unruly boys that we are, those calls are typically for carry-out orders. We don't go places that take reservations, anyway. So I got this funny idea to next time I have to call in for food that Rob is going to go pick up, I use my reservation-making alter ego. So when he goes to Mancino's or Ocean Garden he has to say, "Pick up for Dora" or "Order for the Rockefeller family." Or, even have to guess which name I put it under (I always tell him when he leaves, because I trust him with the lives of our children and to operate a vehicle, but not to deduce his own surname at the Chili's window). But what if I stop telling him and he gets to the place and he doesn't know, and after his first name and his last name and my first name and my maiden name don't work, maybe he has to call me and then I can tell him, "it's under the name: Cat Deeley."

This idea has me so tickled that I can't wait til my husband gets back to town so that I can order take-out.


heather t said...

That is pure evil. I gotta try it!

-R- said...

That is an excellent idea! I should do that to "Diego" some time!