Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Wish List

Am I hard to shop for? I think when you have an obvious hobby, like knitting or deer hunting, that makes it easy to shop for someone. On the other hand, you can go overboard. Just because someone loves to golf doesn't mean they would love to have a gold-plated gold ball. Wish lists become almost more necessary as you get older. My pre-schooler is happy with a $.50 can of Play-doh, while my husband requires very sophisticated gadgets and tools to have a merry Christmas. I know that someday, Marty will be as hard to please as Rob is.

Anyway, here's my holiday wish list:

  • Gift certificates for Stitch in Time in Howell, Threadbear in Lansing, or

  • Emeril non-stick pots and pans (they have them at Bed Bath and Beyond).

  • I had a beautiful baking dish that I loved. It was a splurge when I bought it, but I've always wanted the other pieces that match. The other night, I dropped the dish and it broke! I got mine at La Bella Vita in downtown Brighton and would love a replacement and any matching pieces. It's the Emile Henry Artisonal Collection of baking dishes, in a brown and cream color - although I like all the colors La Bella Vita carries. You can see what they look like on my wish list, too.

  • My wish list is here, with books and music and stuff.

  • Iron Gate candle holder from Pottery Barn, set of 2

  • Zoe console table from Pottery Barn, in black, plus the square utility baskets to go with the table.
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