Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dale is 1/3 done

My Dale of Norway cardigan is moving along. I have finished the front! The back has about 7" to go, and then I get to do the color work pattern again for the sleeves. I really enjoyed that for the body and think the sleeves will move along pretty quickly.

I recently found out I am pregnant with our second baby, so this cardi will actually be a maternity sweater. Since it is designed to just close at the top, via cute little ties that go throu an eyelet, it can hang farther and farther open as my belly grows. The little bean is due in January, so the timing is perfect for a nice wooly sweater. But I have to finish it quickly, as there is so much new baby stuff to knit now - sweater and hats, longies and soakers - in all the sizes! It's so great to knit something in a newborn size, so quick and tiny-sweet.

No word yet on the picture front, but I believe secret progress is being made my Rob in the dark of the night.


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Hey -- blogging should no longer be boring; ahh the beauty of a fresh PC a new Linux build, and symbolic links. The pictures, gallery, and DSOM are back. New and improved.