Thursday, May 19, 2005

Blogging without pictures is boring

Still no pictures, but lots of knitting is going on!

I have finished two sweet baby sweaters for two sweet babies. One was finished just before delivering (the sweater, not the baby), for a neighbor, so I didn't have time to get a picture. That is, I didn't find the camera in time to take the picture. Later, I caught Rob using his own camera (the nerve!), so I know it isn't lost. I'm also making good progress on my own sweater (the nerve!) and can't wait to share pics of that.

In other news, I met the Yarn Harlot and am still utterly in love. And, I am famous (in blogland)! Here's a picture of me at the book signing (with my booga bag, the only thing I've knit for myself, how sad is that?): Snooze's blog

You have to scroll all the way down almost to the bottom, but I am in there in the May 7th post.

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