Saturday, May 08, 2010

Spring Snowman 5k - May 8, 2010

Today was my second race, a 5k here in my small town of Brighton. The event is a fundraiser for the University of Michigan Mott's children's hospital, where my own son had his skull reconstructed at the tender age of 6 months by the best medical professionals in the world. I am an MSU grad, but the experience at the U-M hospital has made me a lifelong fan. (My kid is 4 now and totally awesome.) The founders of the race lost their son to a rare blood cancer, so this is what they do now to honor their son. Very cool. Their oldest child is the youngest kid to run the Detroit Marathon at age 15!

Anyway, Spring Snowman is a very fitting name for this race. It is about 43* here today and windy is an understatement. We had gusts of 40mph. I wish they had been tailwinds! I think a lot of people DNS because of the weather - 350 were registered, and I would be shocked if there were 200 runners. The good news is that it didn't start raining until mile 2. By then I had lost a lot of steam and was starving - I forgot my banana and did not have any of my usual pre-run food. I still ran the race but did not PR. My gun time is 40:59 or 41. The wind was blowing the chip towers over, so there is no chip time - it probably took me 30 seconds to get to the starting line. I'm ok with that. I think I am not much of a racer; I just want to keep running and feeling good, doing good things for my spirit and my body. I've been running since January - I think I can give myself some time to think about speed.

It was a fun race though. The people were friendly, I wasn't nervous (like last time where I felt sick from nerves), and it was awesome to be running in my own town and seeing the local runners. There are some fast folks around here! I love being part of the running community.

After the race, I drove about a mile away to my son's soccer game where all the parents were wet and freezing. I was red-faced and sweaty and still wearing my bib. Caught the last few minutes of his game even!

My next race is a 10k on June 6. Glad to be getting back to long run and endurance work!

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