Friday, October 19, 2007

The UFO Poll

In knitting news, I am halfway through 2 big projects. I need to get some photos up of them, some recently finished things, as well as a truckload of yarn that I've acquired the past few months.

I'm loving the new Knitting Daily newsletters. Isn't Sandi Wiseheart doing a great job?

The UFO poll has me thinking about all the things I am not finishing and why. I should organize this on Ravelry (yes I got in!!!) but until I do all that, here's my list:

1. The Charley sweater for Rob. It's more than half-way done, but Rob lost 70 pounds between the time I cast on the sweater and got the back and first raglan sleeve done. Now I am torn between finishing a sweater that will certainly be too large or frogging so much cable work and ribbing.
2. Dale of Norway cardigan. The front and back are finished and even cut. It just needs sleeves. The sleeves seemed like a huge undertaking 2 years ago, but now I'm a much more proficient knitter now. I need to get on this!
3. Socks for Rob. One is done but might be a bit short, so I am loathe to case on 4. Socks for Marty. One is done and has been for a year or so. He will love these and I need to finish them!
4. 2 random kids' sweaters. No interest in finishing.
5. Felted slippers for my brother. I got halfway thru the first using Noro and realized that, to make a matching pair, I would need 4 skeins of Kureyon and wasn't willing to pay that much for a pair of slippers. So these need to be ripped back to the sole and started with some nice Lopi, with the Noro as a striped accent. Good for holiday knitting this year.
6. Charlene throw. I love this blanket, knit using Berroco's Chinchilla. I have about 1/7th done and just get so bored with the endlessness of it.
7. Gauntlets for Bethany. I am going to run out of yarn and can't finish these until I come up with a solution.

There are more. I know there are. I will add more later as I come across them. I also have the yarn and patterns for these projects:
1. Koigu Kersti sweater from Knitting from the Top Down
2. Noro Silk Garden sweater from Knitting from the Top Down
3. Knitter's Stash cardigan in blue Berroco Pleasure
4. Knitter's Stash cardigan in red Berroco Pleasure
5. Sweater for Rob in baby Alpaca
6. Watermelon mittens
7. Kiwi mittens
8. Beaded Christmas stockings for both boys in Ultra Alpaca
9. Socks for me
10. Socks for the boys

(There are more of these too!)

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