Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just when you think you're ahead

I have an issue - fear of finishing. Even worse, I have a fear of not having enough projects in the works. The two combined explain why I have at least 10 projects, all of which are within hours of being FOs, yet am compelled to cast on at least 3 new projects.

Case in point: My formerly-known-as American Idol summer cotton cardigan, now known as the So You Think You Can Dance cardigan, needs only one sleeve and a button band. Probably 2 nights of knitting, less than 4 hours total - I even have the buttons ready. It's been in this condition for more than 3 weeks. Some people might rush to finish this so that they could wear it lots of times before it starts snowing again in Michigan. But not someone with a fear-of-finishing/fear-of-not-enough-WIPs complex. Oh no. THAT person would cast on an alpaca sweater and insist to herself that she finish the sleeve before she touch the summer cardigan. In June. And she would shop for more wool. And she would work on the steeks for her Dale of Norway cardigan. The one that was abandoned 2 years ago and only needs sleeves. Somehow that sweater was in desperate need of steeking. Sewing and cutting up that sweater helped me avoid finishing the Swallowtail shawl, which is within 10 rows of being finished.

I know I get sad when I finish beloved projects and beloved books. But finishing those things frees me to work on other projects and to read other books. I need to get control of myself!

In other news, I'm almost finished with the absolutely perfect beaded bridal bag. I added the Swarovski crystal fringe and attached the frame. I do need to sew the lining, but it is otherwise ready to accompany my brother's fiancee on her wedding day!

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heather t said...

Fear not the FOs! Think of your loyal readers who are waiting patiently to see the beaded bag or your steeked (eek!) sweater. You can do it!