Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I don't like Mondays

If by Mondays you mean mercerized cotton. This stuff is the suck to work with. It's so slippery that I have to tug every single stitch, which is impossible to do evenly every time. If I were in the round, that would be manageable, but since knits and purls slant differently, my stockinette stitch looks like crap. I have made some progress, past the underarms and nothing but st st for a good 10" more.


Dipsy said...

I've been working with that kind of cotton lately too and agree absolutely with you - it sucks knitting with it at times! But your sweater looks so great already, the stitches are as even as they can be with cotton, and I love the colors as well as the pattern! Good luck with it!

beginnerknitter said...

I was so shocked to see a comment from "Devine" since that is my maiden name! How cool I'm assuming that it is your last name not something you came up with out of the blue.

I can't knit stockinette flat on circulars for the darn life of me.
I'm going to give that somewhat cowl one more try..