Sunday, October 16, 2005

Knitting Retreat

Finally, I am posting pictures from my incredible knitting retreat. I left on a Thursday morning and returned on Sunday afternoon. That's 3.5 days of absolute freedom to knit, relax, and socialize without interuption - pure bliss!

About 16 knitters drove to Michigan's UP (upper peninsula) and then took a ferry to Bois Blanc Island. We stayed at a resort called the Insel Haus, which was absolutely amazing. Two lovely people ran the inn. Christa designs knitwear, teaches knitting, spins her own yarn from her stock of alpaca, and creates truly amazing handknits. She was about to leave for a fiber arts show and shared her goods-for-sale with us (each priced between $175 and $1500). Oh and before she started knitting, she ran her own film editing studio. So interesting! Anyway, here are some photos, none of which do justice to this amazing woman's work.

Here Christa models a dress she designed, spun, and knit.

Here's a shot of a coat that Christa created. You can't tell from this lousy picture, but the coat is floor length. And the hood converts to a shawl collar.

This jacket, like all Christa's alpaca knits, is so soft and beautiful.

This photo probably shows the best detail of all Christa's knits. These scarves will be sewn into a dress or ruana.

My knitting teacher, Charlene, hates having her picture taken but agreed to try on a few items. Here, she models a vest:

And here we see Shelby, our other host and a fascinating man. Ask to see his Emmy. He's modeling another gorgeous vest:

And finally, I share with you one scene of knitting in a beautiful, remote, amazing place:

That's Lake Michigan in the background. The island is unpaved, undeveloped, and nearly uninhabited (17 year-round residents). It was a beautiful place to visit and I can't wait to go back there.

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