Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Learning to knit, learning to blog

Once you've stayed home keeping a busy toddler alive and happy, you realize that you can do anything. And so, I took up knitting.

Once you take up knitting, you realize how absolutely talented some people are out there - the people who spin and dye and make beautiful things, sometimes without even a pattern.

Once you start blogging, you realize how little you have to say and how much better other peoples' blogs sound. I probably have more to say than this, but I have to pull it out of my head. But, I must give kudos to the Yarn Harlot, who makes me laugh and stay up too late. I also attribute my fascination with Latvian mittens to her.

I will spend some time figuring out how to get some pictures on here and show you what I'm working on. And that brings us to the end of blog entry #1. I can't just talk to myself all day, now can I? Well I can, but then this one entry would be endless and I have a toddler who will be awake soon, asking for food and the like. Thanks for reading!

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